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Friday, April 21, 2006

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Advanced Collections as A Profession by Robert Paisola

In Search of a Superior Collection Process: by Robert Paisola

The Long Arm Of Failure

Robert Paisola freely admits to spending the better part of a decade in debt.

A Kinder, Gentler Way To Collect

Not Paid? Now What?

Where Do You Stand in the Doors of Life?

Taking Positive Action to Make YOUR Dreams Come True!

Recognizing and Beating Our Internal Monkey Mind

Prosperity Consciousnes or Poverty Consciousness? It is All Up To You!

Obligation vs. Responsibility, How do You look at Opportunities in Life?

Life - Are Yor READY to Go For It?

Is Your Life Working or Not Working? THAT is the Question!

How Can I Really Make A Difference in The World?

Do you Choose to ACT or REACT in life? Does it really matter?

Being Positive in A Negative Environment, Just Do It! by Robert Paisola

Closing the Gap and Resolving the Resistance to Having Abundance

"When You Create a Goal - You Create Problems"

"There Are NO Problems"

"Resistance is the Only Thing That Can Stop You"

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Creating Your Own Financial Abundance

Manifesting Your Personal Abundance by Robert Paisola

"The Gap"

The difference between where you are today and where you want to be represents "The Gap". In order to get from point A to point B the gap has to be crossed.

If you have $503 in the bank today and you want $250,000 there is a gap - a gap of $249,497.

Getting that money often means thoughts arise . . .

"I have some major problems to solve."

"How do I make that much money?"

"Do I start a business?

"If I do, that brings a lot of problems to deal with doesn't it?"
"I need an idea, capital, a business plan, employees, an office, office furniture, etc, etc, etc."
And all of those thoughts cause something else to happen and that's what stops you dead in your tracks. (We'll get to that certain something later)

No matter what you want, anything from more money, to a great relationship, to better health, there is one truth to face with the way you've always been taught and programmed to achieve a goal . . .

"When you create a goal, you create a set of problems."

In other words, with traditional goal setting programs creating a goal only creates a series of problems to overcome.

For some of us, getting from point A to point B feels like a long, hard, nearly impossible journey. Making the journey from point A to point B might feel as impossible as walking your way to the other end of the earth.

Because of this, we want to lose weight but we have trouble getting off the couch or we are overcome by the urges to eat unhealthy foods.

Or, because of this, we want to earn a lot of money and experience financial freedom but we simply feel unable to make the changes - to find the opportunities - to make that happen.

Or, because we were hurt by someone in someway in the past we find it impossibly difficult to open our hearts to the abundance of love that is available - right now.

Success leaves certain clues and well meaning-people have created programs to help us get from point A to point B a little quicker. These programs might be like giving us a horse, or even a car to make the journey with.

Yet, the journey remains long and challenging and the gap is still large. Maybe we've graduated from walking to riding a horse and buggy and yet we know there must be a better way to get from HERE to THERE.

If you think about your gap, that distance between where you are and where you want to be, in terms of physics you know that the fastest way to travel between two points is the speed of light.

In our world, it is possible to move between two points at the speed of light but few people do it. And it isn't because we aren't able.

Why is this? If it's really possible (and it is) for you to move at the speed of light towards your goals, to move from point A to point B effortlessly and quickly, why wouldn't you?

We reveal the remarkably simple answer in lesson two.
About Your Author:
Robert Paisola is an international Motivational Speaker and Author, and an expert in the field of Personal Real Estate Investor Training. He is a professional speaker who has been featured on CNN, CNNFN, and the Wall Street Journal. He can answer your questions on the "Basics of the Real Estate Investing Business" to detailed issues regarding your specific transactions. Life Experience Robert Paisola is a Professional International Seminar Speaker in the Areas of Real Estate Investing, Tax Lien Investing, Rental Property Management, Real Estate Coach and Mentor Training and Business Management. He has served companies throughout the world. If you are interested in learning the business from someone like Rob email his office at robert@trumpworldwide.com or visit http://www.allexperts.com/displayExpert.asp?Expert=38419

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Where do YOU stand in the Doors of Life, By Robert Paisola

I was once told that there are only two types of people the world dislikes.

People that fail

People that succeed

Where do you play, and Do you take a Stand in Life?

Many of us spend way too much time playing the middle for various reason. Whether we are fearful of failure or lacking belief in our ability to succeed we face the temptation to play the middle ground of safety.

You see, the middle ground keeps us out of the limelight of public failures and safe from the resulting criticism and we also avoid being targets because of success. What we are doing is playing it safe. Most people don't like to be targets of criticism.

Are you playing it safe? Are you playing NOT to win? Are you playing the average joe role so as not to rock the boat of others and so that you may avoid the risk of failure or the discipline needed for success?

If that is you, realize this...average is your enemy not your friend. It is your right to shine and to shine brightly. You are unique and created for extraordinary living. At the end of the day you are choosing the average standard that you are destined to live an unfulfilled life so that you don't offend others.

Live Out Loud and Split the Room

When I walk into a room I'd rather split the room between those who like me and those who don't because my life makes a bold statement rather than going unnoticed. The temptation to play it safe and avoid rocking the boat is a strong one. Yet playing the average joe takes the greatest toll then any criticism, failure or success when cause.

Live out loud and be bold about who you are! Be noticed and enjoy it! You don't have to conform to anyone but you own belief and values. Resist peer pressure!

You pay a price no matter what level of living you choose but I think the greatest price is paid by those who live a life of quiet desperation..that is a average life.

Every one of us has had a yearning and a dream of something extraordinary say, do and become in life. Every one us must confront that yearning and make a conscious decision to deny that spark of greatness and desire or choose the step out in faith and courage and go for it. Each time we deny ourselves for the average life we just create a greater internal conflict of building frustration and unhappiness.

You will never be happy playing it safe. I believe a lot of people are grumpy because they regret either never daring to live the life they imaged or they are currently deny themselves that opportunity.

You must resist that temptation to play it small and just play it big!

You must build the strength the live a life that is bold statement about who you are, what you believe and where you are going. You will not find power, joy and happiness until you begin to live your values, beliefs and stretch yourself for the greater success of your choosing.

Who cares about failure or success or criticism when you are living your best life now? The object is to become transformed and create a life for yourself that has the power to make a difference for other people. Failure becomes feedback and success becomes that expectation. Critics have to justify their existence somehow so what they say may validate their existence in their own minds but it has nothing to do with you. Right?

Focus on your finish and your enemies and critics go unnoticed by you.

I encourage you to choose extraordinary living! Whatever you do, great or small, do with and extraordinary mindset, extraordinary action and extraordinary words!

That's extra-ordinary. Be more than ordinary in all that you do. I know it isn't easy but you can do it. Start small and act with excellence and confident. Realize how special you are and gifted and talented you are and celebrate that in all that you do.

Don't you dare hold back on your gifts and talents because other people feel uncomfortable! They should be uncomfortable. They need to get up off their hind-parts and let their let shine also. But never hide your light or your life because others can't handle it.

Never! Your life is given to you once and it is up to you live well while you are here. You must choose to live well.

To live well you must fight the enemy called average. To fight the enemy called average, you must leave your comfort zone, risk failure and expect success!

Make today an extraordinary day!

Robert Paisola

Monday, October 31, 2005

Prosperity Consciousnes or Poverty Consciousness? It is All Up To You!

Prosperity Consciousnes or Poverty Consciousness? It is All Up To You!
By Robert Paisola

So, do you have it or not?

Do you live a life full of abundance and happiness, or do you bury your head in the sand, look around and merely WISH that your life could be a better place.

The big question that I get asked over and over is "Rob, what is the true definition of success?"

Well, that answer means many different things to many different people, but in this article we are going to focus on the fundamental mindset that one must have to become a long lasting financial success in life. Not just someone who squeaks by month after month. There are many more components in the success matrix than mere money, but how do YOU look at success?
One thing that we have noticed as we have dealt with thousands of students across the world is that Success is a direct reflection of what you are willing to "put out to the universe" about how your life really is, can or will be.

Either you have a poverty mentality, which simply means that you spend all of your time focusing on what you do not have in life as opposed to what you do have or you have a feeling of Prosperity Consciousness which says that "I believe in ME"

I have preached in my seminars for years that financial success in life is mostly made up of ones state of mind with a mix of knowledge, luck and hard work.

The game of investing, whether it be in yourself, your family, the stock market or real estate can be exciting, inspiring and frustrating.

Don't you agree?

Exciting, because you know that deep down inside you have the ability and the potential to make large sums of money and to create the financial abundance that so many of us desperately need and deserve!

Inspiring, because normal everyday people like you and I have been able to build true long lasting success and happiness that includes financial success by merely using the talents we have been given to invest in real estate, the stock market and most importantly, investing in ourselves.

An example of a company that teaches students throughout the country to become aware of their inner potential and true ability to create long lasting personal self worth and inspiration, which often leads to financial success is a program that I was introduced to almost two years ago called The Impact Trainings which is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have personally attended and graduated from this program and I highly recommend it if you are someone who is "searching for life's answers", simply visit their website at www.impacttrainings.com and learn for yourself.

Frustrating because you feel that you have not made it to the level of success that you deserve, because you have been told your whole life by teachers, parents and professors how easy it is to make money in business, how any one can do it, and how property and estate owners are willing to just give you their property by asking; and we could go on and on about how easy everyone makes it seem to "get rich".

Many of us have read testimony after testimony of normal people just like us, who have "made it" But, thanks to whom and how did they do it?

One thing that I know and share with my audiences around the world is that YOU have the Power inside YOU to make all of your dreams come true. That's right; YOU have all the answers inside you to make YOURSELF a financial success!

We have seen many walk before us that have claimed to have made tens of thousands of dollars every month, How did they do it?

When they say that "I am now a multi-millionaire, and once was a high school teacher; How does it make us feel?

No matter how we choose to define financial success, do we sit back and contemplate how wonderful it would be to have financial abundance in our life, or do we personally choose to define what this means to us and to take action to make our dreams a reality?
Maybe you choose to define success as having an abundance of money, having incredible family relationships, or maybe it is simply to be happy in life. No matter what your definition of success may be, YOU are personally in control of your destiny.

One thing is for sure, no amount of formal or informal education can make you a success in life, it does not matter how many degrees you have hanging on your wall or how many books you read daily. Having a large bookcase filled with books and tapes only means that you have a smart bookcase! The bottom line is that, only YOU can make YOU a success, by your COMMITTED ACTIONS!

In order to begin this process you must first believe in "YOU". First get your mind in order, and then seek out the vehicle that will help drive you to success and most importantly you must study and study and study again about how you will create your own financial abundance.
If you want to learn about Real Estate Investing, learn all that you can about Real Estate. If you want to be successful in stock market investing, learn everything you can about the stock market. The most important area of knowledge that you MUST MASTER is YOU! Once you master YOU, everything you want and deserve in life will naturally fall into place.... It is really that simple!

I have been involved with thousands of our students around the world and have been involved in hundreds of success and motivational training seminars over my years as an investor, motivator, presenter and mentor in the areas of Business Success.
One of the most frustrating attitudes that I see my students initially must overcome in order to even begin on the road to financial success is to overcome the fixed belief of "poverty mentality"!

Many people have attended or heard of people who have attended an introduction or "preview" seminar to learn about real estate or stock investing, and have learned of people just like you and I who someone gained so much knowledge from that they are now a multi- millionaire or are making $1,000's of dollars every week. How easy can it be, Right?
So you get excited and you are ready to sign up!

Then comes the costs, $50 for a book, $100's of dollars for a home study course or the big one... $1,000's of dollars for a three day seminar or "boot camp" and the "exclusive" ability to talk weekly to someone just like me who will lead you to the doors of success in life.
Now you've made the decision to "go for it" and all of your natural objections of your ego mind tell you that "this is not possible" or "I don't deserve success" so you immediately plunge back into the black hole of the "poverty mentality" and say the heck with that, It's not for me or,:

"If it's so great, give it to me now and I will pay you later!"

"I need money to pay my bills"

"We can't afford that"

"Why is it so expensive?"

"Can't I learn this stuff somewhere for free?"

You see, you now have choices in life, you can either choose to spend countless hours, days, months, years dreaming, seeking and searching for all of the knowledge you desire or you can choose to spend that same time in the creation of your personal abundance.

There are simply two ways you can invest in your business and in your life, You can choose to invest your time or you can invest your money.

It makes no difference, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that by investing just your time, it will take longer to reach your goals and dreams.

What I am simply trying to say to you is that you can create your OWN SUCCESSES in life. To do this, you can either choose easy or hard, by choosing easy, you often must loosen up the purse strings combined with sound decision making processes and procedures when it comes to your personal education.
What price tag are you willing to place on your success? What would it be worth to you to become a success? What are you willing to do to become a success? What risks are you willing to take?
Did you know that the largest sector in America makes between $20,000 to $29,000 per year and our poverty level is still around $19,000 per year?
A stunning fact that I recently learned was that most families in America are spending the following amounts each year:

1. Eating out $1,483
2. Alcoholic Beverages $247
3. Tobacco $324
4. Entertainment $1,517

So, let's see $3,571 dollars?

However, did you know that the average person is only willing to spend $95 per year on their own education!

WOW what has more value in furthering your goals and dreams, eating out, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and entertainment or your investment and education in YOU?

You tell me what you value most!

Now let's look at your friends who make $70,000 or more per year. Did you know that they spend an average of $1,902 per year on education vs. folks who make less than $30,000 per year who are spending $95 per year on education?

Notice the variation of spending, but also notice the rewards each group gains?

Don't take my word for it see http://www.bls.gov/cex/csxann03.pdf

I often wonder who is the smarter group?

This, my dear friends and students is why the rich get richer simply because they understand the time value of their ongoing education and more importantly, they understand that their purpose in life is TO LEARN! Can it be that easy? YEP!

Many of you may ask, "Hey what does Rob Paisola know about this subject anyway? That is a good question, but what I do know is that I am just a regular guy like you building my wealth one deal and one day at a time.


Windows of opportunity arrive at unexpected times, the big question is, will you open the door to your personal success by choosing to take on your life with a Prosperity Consciousness or will you allow the door of life to slam in your face, on more time by choosing to maintain the spirit of Poverty Consciousness?

Do you choose to fall on the side of Poverty Consciousness or Prosperity Consciousness? That is the real question.

About the Author:

Robert Paisola is an expert in the field of Personal Real Estate Investor Training. He is a professional speaker who has been featured on CNN, CNNFN, and the Wall Street Journal. He can answer your questions on the "Basics of the Real Estate Investing Business" to detailed issues regarding your specific transactions. Life Experience Robert Paisola is a Professional International Seminar Speaker in the Areas of Real Estate Investing, Tax Lien Investing, Rental Property Management, Real Estate Coach and Mentor Training and Business Management. He has served companies throughout the world. If you are interested in learning the business from someone like Rob email his office at robert@trumpworldwide.com or visit http://www.allexperts.com/displayExpert.asp?Expert=38419 or call 1-877-517-9555 for more information.