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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Where do YOU stand in the Doors of Life, By Robert Paisola

I was once told that there are only two types of people the world dislikes.

People that fail

People that succeed

Where do you play, and Do you take a Stand in Life?

Many of us spend way too much time playing the middle for various reason. Whether we are fearful of failure or lacking belief in our ability to succeed we face the temptation to play the middle ground of safety.

You see, the middle ground keeps us out of the limelight of public failures and safe from the resulting criticism and we also avoid being targets because of success. What we are doing is playing it safe. Most people don't like to be targets of criticism.

Are you playing it safe? Are you playing NOT to win? Are you playing the average joe role so as not to rock the boat of others and so that you may avoid the risk of failure or the discipline needed for success?

If that is you, realize this...average is your enemy not your friend. It is your right to shine and to shine brightly. You are unique and created for extraordinary living. At the end of the day you are choosing the average standard that you are destined to live an unfulfilled life so that you don't offend others.

Live Out Loud and Split the Room

When I walk into a room I'd rather split the room between those who like me and those who don't because my life makes a bold statement rather than going unnoticed. The temptation to play it safe and avoid rocking the boat is a strong one. Yet playing the average joe takes the greatest toll then any criticism, failure or success when cause.

Live out loud and be bold about who you are! Be noticed and enjoy it! You don't have to conform to anyone but you own belief and values. Resist peer pressure!

You pay a price no matter what level of living you choose but I think the greatest price is paid by those who live a life of quiet desperation..that is a average life.

Every one of us has had a yearning and a dream of something extraordinary say, do and become in life. Every one us must confront that yearning and make a conscious decision to deny that spark of greatness and desire or choose the step out in faith and courage and go for it. Each time we deny ourselves for the average life we just create a greater internal conflict of building frustration and unhappiness.

You will never be happy playing it safe. I believe a lot of people are grumpy because they regret either never daring to live the life they imaged or they are currently deny themselves that opportunity.

You must resist that temptation to play it small and just play it big!

You must build the strength the live a life that is bold statement about who you are, what you believe and where you are going. You will not find power, joy and happiness until you begin to live your values, beliefs and stretch yourself for the greater success of your choosing.

Who cares about failure or success or criticism when you are living your best life now? The object is to become transformed and create a life for yourself that has the power to make a difference for other people. Failure becomes feedback and success becomes that expectation. Critics have to justify their existence somehow so what they say may validate their existence in their own minds but it has nothing to do with you. Right?

Focus on your finish and your enemies and critics go unnoticed by you.

I encourage you to choose extraordinary living! Whatever you do, great or small, do with and extraordinary mindset, extraordinary action and extraordinary words!

That's extra-ordinary. Be more than ordinary in all that you do. I know it isn't easy but you can do it. Start small and act with excellence and confident. Realize how special you are and gifted and talented you are and celebrate that in all that you do.

Don't you dare hold back on your gifts and talents because other people feel uncomfortable! They should be uncomfortable. They need to get up off their hind-parts and let their let shine also. But never hide your light or your life because others can't handle it.

Never! Your life is given to you once and it is up to you live well while you are here. You must choose to live well.

To live well you must fight the enemy called average. To fight the enemy called average, you must leave your comfort zone, risk failure and expect success!

Make today an extraordinary day!

Robert Paisola


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